Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 029 - Update on School/Work

Currently Burning: Key Lime Pie

With January coming to a close, my work life is starting to pick up. Since I'm busiest during the summer, the spring semester is a time of hiring staff, prepping for summer, and beginning the discussion for groups that want to come to campus. While I appreciate having slower Fall semesters, it can sometimes make it harder to get revved up in the spring. By March I'll be in full-blown busy mode.

As far as school goes, I'm already behind in one of my classes. Of the 3 classes, 1 has assignments due every week, 1 has assignments due every other week, and 1 doesn't have due dates. I always find the ones that do not have due dates the most difficult to motivate myself to complete. I'm on track with the first two (just need to finish my discussion board post and then I'm good for this week) but my Principles of Adult Ed class I haven't even started.

I did realize that my diversity class is actually a lot more difficult than I originally imagined. Hopefully this semester ends well. I'm so ready to have my Master's degree so I can be done with school. Taking 1 class at a time isn't too bad, but this whole full-time thing sucks. I'm just ready to be done (December graduation here I come!) I'm glad I'm doing this blog because hopefully it will help me stay on track.

Now onto the daily review!

Key Lime Pie (4): This is true to what it is supposed to be. I can smell the Graham Cracker Crust and the Key Lime filling. I can tell it's key lime because it smells very tart like a key lime. The throw on this one is pretty good as well so I may be reordering this one in a smaller candle.

Remember to keep those wicks trimmed!


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