Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 004 - Scent Shot 101

Currently Burning: Caramelized Pralines

So, I thought I would do an introduction to scent shots since I haven't really talked about what they are. Essentially, a scent shot from Candles by Victoria is a 2 oz. piece of wax placed in a plastic cup. The cups that she uses I've seen used at restaurants to hold things like mayonnaise and other condiments. Scent shots cost $2.00 and are available under the "Tarts" tab of her website.  It's a pretty good size chunk of wax as you can see below with my hand for scale. Depending on the scent, these can last from about 8 hours to multiple days. If you burn it non-stop then it will last probably about a day and half before the scent is completely gone.

You can melt scent shots a couple of different ways. The wax in scent shots (unlike a lit candle) does not disappear as it melts. Since no combustion is actually occurring, just the fragrance oils will be released from the wax. Once these are gone, you're left with dyed, odorless wax. Victoria sells tart warmers on her website that are basically candle warmers with a bowl on top of them. These are awesome, but I've found that the wax can be difficult to get out of the bowl. A lot of people suggest freezing the bowl and then popping the wax out. I've found that this is really only easy if you use an entire scent shot at a time, and then it can still be a hassle to get the wax out of the bowl. You can also just get a candle warmer and place your own bowl on top (make sure it's heat resistant like a ramekin). I used to just dump the wax out while it was still hot and use a paper towel to wipe out the excess. Unfortunately for this method, it isn't really easy to keep a scent that's not 100% used up before you want another. I'll make another post about how I do it now, because it makes really cute designs out of the wax that you can either keep or toss. Also, there's no need to worry about hot wax or frozen wax with cleanup in my new method :) Now onto the daily review!


Caramelized Pralines (5):As you can see, I have this one in a 9oz candle (and I probably need to look into getting a new one since this one is about half gone!) This scent has a very strong caramel note that really comes out when melted/burned. It reminds me of walking by the stores in the mall that sell the nuts that are coated in sugar and sauted. I really love this scent. In fact, I melted it last night and when I walked into my apartment today at 5pm the whole place STILL smelled like Caramelized Pralines! That being said, this is a very strong scent and will stick around long after you've stopped burning the candle. It will fill up a very large space even if coming from a tiny little candle. It's a pretty popular scent overall (I know it's the all-time favorite of sayanythingbr00ke on YouTube).

Remember to keep those wicks trimmed!


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