Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 012 - Getting Excited for the Spring Semester

Currently Burning: Leaves Type

Yesterday's post about my books turned out to be incomplete. My classes finally posted to BlackBoard and it looks like I forgot to order one of my books. Now I'll probably have to pay shipping on it unless I can find it for cheaper at the bookstore (unlikely). That really makes me mad because I was so excited that I had gotten all my books early and for pretty cheap!

Other than that I looked over the syllabi and other information for my classes. Facilitating Learning in the Workplace is definitely going to be the hardest class. There are a LOT of assignments and group projects. Diversity and Globalization is going to be the next hardest. However, I'm really excited for this class, because one of the assignments is an "Immersion" where we have to choose do something that makes us uncomfortable. I'll explain it more when I actually do it. The Principles of Adult Learning class is going to be super easy. There's no due dates or discussions. I am really excited for the spring semester to start. I'll probably hate it 2 weeks in, but for now I'm ready!

In other news, my CBV order shipped today!!!!!!  It should come on Monday which is great because I'm off work for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Definitely will have a haul post on either Monday or Tuesday :) Now onto the daily review!

Leaves Type (3): This is a dupe for the Bath and Body Works Leaves (which I've never smelled). Not a huge fan of this one. The scent throw is very light. To me, this smells like Hobby Lobby or Michaels in the fall. There's fresh apple peel and some spices in it. I probably won't by this again.

Remember to keep those wicks trimmed!


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