Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 017 - Corn Casserole

Currently Burning: Cherry Fizzy Pop

For today's Tasty Tuesday I thought I'd make Corn Casserole. This is the easiest recipe ever. The full recipe can be found here: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/corn-casserole-recipe/index.html

First, mix together all ingredients (except cheese) into a large bowl and place in a greased casserole dish.

Bake at 350 for 55 minutes. With 5 minutes to go, add cheese to top and place in the oven for the final 5 minutes.

This is AMAZING! I've made this several times (mostly for holidays) but I decided to go ahead and make it tonight. Roman decided to go out on a limb as well and make some chicken breasts with garlic and olive oil. They weren't too bad. This is the first time we've actually cooked together in a LONG time. The first year we lived here we would cook every once in awhile, but then I got tired of it because he wouldn't eat most of the food I cooked. Maybe this is the beginning of more home cooking? We'll see.

Now onto the daily review!

Cherry Fizzy Pop (4): This is a mixture of Victoria's Fizzy Pop scent and her cherry scent. It smells like cherry soda. I really like Victoria's cherry scent, but this one isn't my absolute favorite. The throw isn't spectacular on this one because the Fizzy Pop really tones it down. However, as I've stated before I mixed it with Margarita Lime to make a cherry limeade that was AWESOME! Probably won't order this again, but it does smell really good :)

Remember to keep those wicks trimmed!


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