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Day 018 - gaysoftheweek

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For this first installment of Watching YouTube Wednesdays, I thought I would talk about one of new my favorite YouTube collab channels. About 2 weeks ago, I somehow found myself at the gaysoftheweek channel.

I can't remember specifically what brought me here, but I know that I had heard of it before. Over the course of the past 2 weeks, I've watched just about every video they've posted (almost 450!) They do a really good job of making videos and I really enjoy watching them. The channel was founded in February of 2010 with 4 members Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. They eventually added a Thursday to bring the total to 5. Three of those original 5 members have been replaced over the past 2 years to the current cast of 6 which is what I will be reviewing.

Mondays (Ryan)

Ryan is the actual founder of the gaysoftheweek channel. He live in Los Angeles, CA so a lot of his videos have him at the beach or enjoying LA. His personal channel ryanjamesyezak is mostly music videos that he has created. His videos are how I originally knew about this collab (though at the time I didn't start watching them). He's recently started a campaign to film a documentary called Second Class Citizens that will explore the discrimination experience by gays and lesbians in America. As of yesterday he met his goal of $50,000 on kickstarter and the total keeps climbing (it's over $97,000 at the time of posting this blog). So excited for him!

Tuesdays (Daniel and Brian)

It's not very common for collab channels to feature a couple as one of their days. Even when they do, it's usually one member of the couple that is the actual member of the collab, and the other partner just co-stars. Not the case with Brian and Daniel. They were added to the cast in mid-February 2011. I love these 2. They are so adorable and their videos are usually REALLY funny. You can tell they put a lot of effort into making them. They started off living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, but moved to Toronto at the end of this past summer. Their personal channel, brianinnis, is also combined. Mostly they just post vlogs on there.

Wednesdays (Scott)

Scott is the original Wednesday. He's from the Kansas City, MO area. At first, I wasn't really sold on Scott. He was pretty annoying to me so I would just skip over his videos. However, I watched a couple of his videos where he was impersonating other people and I was hooked. His video of impersonating Miles Jai (Friday) is HILARIOUS. I was rolling on the floor. After that, I watched more of his videos and realized that even though he isn't my favorite day of the week, I can't imagine the channel without him. His personal channel is scottVnelson but he doesn't really post videos over there.

Thursdays (Roland)

OMG. How to describe Roland. He was added the same time as Brian and Daniel to replace the previous Thursday. He's from England so it's nice to have an addition from "across the pond." The original Tuesday was from Sweden so I was glad they could continue with representation from Europe. Roland is a hoot to watch. He speaks extremely fast and I love his expressions! His videos are all very high energy and I love it! His personal channel is rolyungashaahd and he usually posts vlog-type stories that are HILARIOUS.

Fridays (Miles Jai)

Miles Jai replaced the original Friday back at the end of April 2010. Miles' videos are always a great way to finish the week. He has the funniest characters that he creates and his editing skills make the videos so funny! Several of Miles' videos are my favorites from this channel. Miles is from Las Vegas, NV though he moved to southern CA fairly recently. His personal channel is milesjaiproductions. He got a lot of exposure a few months ago due to his video Like Mah Status so that may have been how I made my way back to this channel.

So overall, these 6 guys have been making me laugh for the past 2 weeks. I really enjoy watching them and I'm sad that it took me almost 2 years to find the channel! I don't think there's plans for them to leave anytime soon so here's to many more posts from gaysoftheweek!

Now onto the review:

Sexy in Stilettos (5): This is probably my 2nd favorite scent by CBV that I've tried so far. It is a gorgeous scent that mostly smells like Victoria's Secret Lovespell perfume. It also has a other notes in it that soften it and make it a really good bedroom scent. The name is very fitting. It was inspired by a YouTuber. This was one of the candles that I got in my most recent haul. Can't get enough!!!!

P.S. The sky this evening was too beautiful not to pass up. I was driving when it was really pretty so by the time I got home it was almost too dark. Here's my pitiful attempt at outdoor photography :)

Remember to keep those wicks trimmed!


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