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Day 021 - Candles by Victoria Haul (FINALLY!)

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I FINALLY get to talk about my CBV Haul!!!! I'm always SO excited when these come in :) So...I went a little crazy this time, because there were a few things that I knew I wanted to try, plus I had to get a ton of new scents for the blog. The box was the biggest one yet!

Usually it's one of those flat rate shipping boxes, but I guess all of my stuff wouldn't fit it one :) Pretty much 2.5 seconds after I signed for the package I tore into it!

I knew that I needed to document all of this mess for the blog so I took a ton of pictures. Matt (the Candleman) does an amazing job of packing these! Here's an example from one of the candles:
Basically there's about zero chance that these things are going to break in transit. Some of the bigger candles were wearing a ton of this armor! Now, I'm not going to review any of the scents because I do that in every blog anyway, so I'm just going to list first impressions! Starting with the scent shots:

I thought it was funny how they were all similar colors. Reds, Oranges, Greens, Purples, and Browns for the most part (a few blues/white thrown in). Most of my last order was red, yellow, and white! The funny thing about the colors though is they change. I ordered 30 and got 1 free (as always). My freebie is one that I got as a free scent shot in my very first order! It was Magnolia Blossom. This time it was Orange. Last time I remember it was a really bright reddish pink color. I was actually excited to get Magnolia Blossom again because I was thinking about reordering all of the old scents that I didn't love to see if my nose had changed. It definitely did with this one because I like it now (we'll see once I burn it!) The rest of the scent shots were on my "Must Order" list (with a few others thrown in). I wanted to get most of Victoria's Lush dupes to see how they smelled (even though I've only ever had Lush's Porridge soap). I still have a few to try (I already have Bath Time with Pooh, Peace, and Goldilocks) but this gets most of them out of the way :) I'll list the lush product in italics next to the names:

Emperor's Love - Sultana
Finger Lickin' Good - Yummy Yummy Yummy
Gorilla's in the Mist - Jungle
Heavy Metal - Rockstar

Pink Bubblegum Crush - Candy Fluff
What Goes Around Comes Around - Karma

For the rest of the scent shots, I'll divide them by what category they fall into.

Bakery Scents
Apple Cinnamon Butter
Apricot Crumb Cake
Banana Walnut
Creme Brulee
Genevieve's Tea Ring
Hello Dolly
Pumpkin Pralines

Fruity Scents
Best Friends
Cucumber Lime Twist
Fresh Squeezed Oranges
Ginger Peach
Gone Grape
Poisoned Apple
Raspberry Guava
Summer Crush
Tropical Kisses

Drink Scents
Fizzy Pop
Mulberry Cider

Floral Scents
Sophie Belle
Water Lily & Pear

Other Scents
Blue Sugar Cotton Candy
Me Tarzan, You Jane
Pink Sugar

Overall a really good haul for scent shots. I'm excited to combine a few of them to make Create-A-Scents!!!

Next, I got 3 of the 4 oz candles. I really wanted to try this size since they are very reasonably priced at $5.00 each.  I went out on a limb choosing 2 new scents that I had never tried before: Bergamot & Herbal Mint and Love Shack. I'm so glad I got those in a candle rather than a scent shot because I love them so far. The other candle on the right is a repurchase of Shamrock Kiss.

With every order, I usually try to order a sampler pack because it's the best bang for your buck for getting candles (6 8oz candles for $40). In the past, I've had trouble picked out 6 scents that I like and have ended up getting a few duds. Not so with this order. The scents from left to right are: Bermuda Triangle (LOVE the blue color), Bite Me, Pumpkin Cider, Sexy in Stilettos, Mango Sorbett, and Bergamot & Mandarin. I've tried all of these scents before and they are among my favorites.

I wanted to try one of Victoria's Black Label Candles. These are more expensive since they use Top Shelf fragrances. I really love the packaging on these candles because I feel it helps with the Top Shelf motif since they are very sophisticated compared to the usual country-style jars she usually uses. I went with Godfather for my first one. I'm not sold on this yet, because it is still curing so the jury is out for another few weeks. There's a few others in this line that I'd like to try, but I'm not sure when I'll order another.

This candle looks good enough to eat! I wanted to get one of her comfort candles since people RAVE about these. Just look at the top!

I went with Momma's Peach Cobbler and it smells DIVINE! It has Peach Preserves, Cornbread, Maple Butter Crunch, Gold Butter Flakes, and Cinnamon on top. It is a really great scent and even just by sitting on my counter it is smelling up the living room. I had to put a piece of saran wrap on top so I could burn other candles!

The last one that I got is my all time favorite scent. I love Bella Swan so much (and not because of Twilight). This scent is just amazing to me. I wanted to get a Glitter Candle and one of the 22 oz tureens and I knew I had to get it in this scent. Now, I'm one of those people that wants the Glitter color to match the scent. My 9oz candle of Bella was a dark purple color so I went with Grape glitter. Look how pretty this is:

Without Flash
With Flash
I know glitter shows up differently with and without flash so I did both. Now, I really do like the grape glitter, but I'm kind of sad that I didn't go with Purple glitter instead. After I ordered, I saw a video on Victoria's YouTube channel with both of these colors next to each other and I like the Purple glitter better (purple is more blue, grape is more pink). The tureen is also HUGE and double wicked so I love it.

So that's my whole haul! I was super excited to get this in the mail on Monday and depending on how the sales look like for February I may be placing another order soon :) Though not as large as this one...

Now onto the daily review!

Hawaiian Rain (3): This is a tropical scent. I've actually had this scent for a LONG time in my collection. It is very clean to me and has pineapple in it. I think it's pretty much Victoria's Rain scent with pineapple added. I'm not a huge fan of the Rain scent, because to me it smells to much like cleaning products. However, the pineapple really mellows it out for me so this one isn't bad to me. I probably won't reorder it, but it's not bad.

Remember to keep those wicks trimmed!


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