Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 005 - New Camera

Currently Burning: Tokyo Spring

Notice anything different about the picture below? I finally convinced Roman (my partner) to let me use his Nikon D3100 that he got in November (on my birthday actually - but let's not get into that). So now I don't have to take the pictures with my old iPhone 3G (I know right, I've had it since August 2008 :/ still going strong though!). I'm still playing around with settings and stuff, but now that I have a better camera, I don't have to worry about lighting as much. I do like the background on that table though. I feel like it gives the pictures a good contrast since it's so dark. 

I think that for tomorrow I'm going to go write about my tart warmer and how I choose to melt the scent shots. It'll be a good follow-up to yesterday's blog. Now onto today's scent review!

Tokyo Spring (5): I really like this fragrance. It's really hard to describe though. It reminds me of a really nice smelling aftershave mixed with a few exotic floral notes. It does have a heavy green note and is very clean, but it isn't over-powering like a lot of clean fragrances can be. It does have a really good throw though. It also got a thumbs up from Roman so that means I don't have to worry about burning it when he's not here lol. Going to repurchase this one in a candle for sure!

Remember to keep those wicks trimmed!


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