Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 028 - CBV Spreadsheet

Currently Burning: Obsession

Today I thought I would talk about how I figure out what scents I want on my next order. I could just go down her list of scents, but I figured I would take a more practical approach.

I use an excel spreadsheet to track my CBV wishlist. Here's a link to the google doc where I uploaded it today. The first tab is all of the scents that I have tried or all the ones that I currently have that I'm waiting to burn. The next page has all of the scents I want to try. I have it grouped by Must Order, Should Order, Might Order, and Special Orders. I find these scents by watching YouTube videos about CBV mostly. Anything that people rave about I put on the Must Order list. Usually what I will do is pick scents from all three lists in my next order. From now on I'm also going to probably include 1 special candle as well (Black Label, Sweet Treat, Comfort Candles, etc).

The CBV newsletter comes out on the first of the month and will have the new sales for the month. Depending on how February's sale looks I'll either be placing another massive scent shot order or another smaller order.

Victoria also has a CBV Scent Browser that one of her customers made for her. This has all of the scents in an interactive format so you can rate and leave reviews for others. It also has an order plotter that supposedly interfaces with her website, but I can't get it to work for me so I just order manually. It takes more time because everything is in a drop-down menu, but I don't really care because the products are worth the hassle.

Now onto the daily review!

Obsession (2): This is a dupe for the Calvin Klein cologne. I've never smelled the cologne so I'm not sure how close of a dupe it is. On cold throw I really didn't like it and didn't really want to burn it. I'm glad I did because it is better warm, but it still probably isn't one that I would burn again. It smells like a very manly cologne and I don't tend to go for those musky scents. The throw is medium.

Remember to keep those wicks trimmed!


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