Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 006 - Tart Warmer 101

Currently Burning: White Tea & Ginger

So today I'm going to go over how I melt my scent shots. Victoria sells tart warmers on her website (that are super cute) for $14.95. I got the one in jet black.

I'm thinking about getting another one for my bedroom in either brown or brown marble. There's also some cute snowmen ones but I'm pretty sure Roman would flip out and not let me put those in the apartment (doesn't match the decor). Like I said a couple days ago, I don't put the scent shots into the bowl on top. Here's what the inside of my bowl looks like:

Gross right? The way it looks coupled with the fact that the tarts were a pain to get out made me decide to go a different route. I know a few girls on the message board talked about this at some point, but I couldn't find the post. They suggested using plastic ramekin bowls that you can basically just flip inside out once the tart is cold. Since they're designed to be placed in an oven for baking, you don't have to worry about them melting. I was in KMart a few weeks ago and I saw a cupcake tin (I guess that's what it was for) that had snowmen shapes. They also had gingerbread men, but I figured that snowmen would be easier to pop out since they don't have arms and legs. I thought the cupcake tin was perfect because I got six bowls rather than just one. I picked it up and cut out each bowl (there was one casualty as a result of poor cutting skills, so I'm down to five now). I then put either 1/4 or 1/2 of a scent shot inside and place it directly on the warmer.

The best part about these is NO MESSY CLEANUP!!! Also, I can switch out scents a lot more often and don't have to worry about throwing away wax that isn't quite used up. When they're cold, they're really easy to pop out. They also make really cute snowmen molds that you could keep (I suppose) but I usually just toss them. 

So that's what I do for my tarts. I've found that this is the best way for me and I thought that it would be helpful for others out there that are sick of scraping wax out of ceramic or glass bowls :) Now onto the daily review!

White Tea & Ginger (3): This is a clean scent. It's also really herbal. I don't think I'll reorder this one because I don't really like the smell of tea. I haven't ever smelled white tea, but green tea and black tea leaves aren't really great scents to me. This one has that scent in it, but it also has a ginger smell. The throw on this one is medium. 

Remember to keep those wicks trimmed!


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