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Day 091 - Blogging for CBV Order/Review

Currently Burning: 007

I was selected as one of the winners for the Blogging for CBV contest for the month of March. I was super excited :) The contest runs every month until the 15th of that month. To submit your entry, email She selects 3 winners every month to receive a $50 gift certificate to CBV.

I found out about winning and had placed my order the next day I was so excited :) I wasn't planning on placing another CBV order until May so this was an awesome surprise!!! I have enough SS and new candles to still do my daily scent of the day up until the beginning of July at this point lol.

I went a little overboard this time and definitely spent more than $50, but it was so worth it! I was able to stock up on 2 of my Top 3 scents as well as get some candles in some scents that I love.

I picked up 2, 22 oz tureens. The first is in the scent Shamrock Kiss which I LOVE. Shamrock Kiss was actually the first scent that I reviewed on my blog here. It's in Halo Green glitter which is SO pretty! I think I'm going to have to get Halo Dark Green soon to compare, but I need to figure out what scent would fit that color (I'm one of those that my glitter has to go with my scent).

Keeping along that vein, my 2nd 22 oz tureen I picked up is in the scent Sexy in Stilettos (which I reviewed here). This one is in Halo Red glitter which looks like crushed up rubies. It's SO pretty. Exactly the color red that I was looking for because I really did not want it to be pink.

I decided to pick up another Black Label candle. I'm going to have order every single one of these because they've all been really good. I may not reorder some of them, but they're all at least 4 on my rating sheet! Bonsai is no different. This is a mixture of Japanese Rice Pudding and Vanilla Blossoms. I can tell that this one needs to cure some more. It's been 5 days since I made my video haul and it's already gotten better. The really heavy doughy note that I got on first impression is getting a lot sweeter. This one smells like it's going to be flipping fantastic once it fully cures!

Next I got a 6 pack sampler of 9 oz candles. I've decided to alternate ordering 8 oz and 9 oz samplers because I love both jars so much :)

Best Friends (reorder): Review located at the bottom of the post here.

Clean Cotton (reorder): Review located at the bottom of the post here.

Springdipity (reorder): Review located at the bottom of the post here.

Enchanted Forest (reorder): Even though this is a reorder I haven't yet reviewed it. This is a minty/woodsy type scent. I actually really like it because the sharpness of the peppermint really helps to mellow out the earthiness.

Pink Bubblegum Crush (reorder): Review located at the bottom of the post here.

Spellbound (reorder): Review located at the bottom of the post here.

Moving on to scent shots. I'll start with my free one which was Carrot Cake. 5 days later this one smells a LOT more like carrot cake. I still get the spicy notes, but I'm now getting the sweetness from the carrot. So good!

Finally I have my scent shots. I picked these in kind of an interesting way. I keep 4 different lists of scents: Must Order, Should Order, Might Order, and then a list that has all the rest of the scents in it. If I hear someone talk about a scent, I put it on one of the first three lists depending on how much I like the sound of it. As scents get moved off of it, the 4th list gets shorter. I use a random function in excel to pick out a certain number of scents from the remainder list so I can try scents I've either never heard of or I missed somehow. Normally when I place scent shot only (or mostly) orders, I'll select a certain number of scents from each list. For example 20 from the Must Order List, 15 from the Should Order list, 10 from the Might Order list, and 5 random ones. That way I get a good variety of scents.

Long story short (yeah right) this time I got 2 from each category for a total of 8. I list them from which list I pulled them from:

Might Order
Island Delight - This is a mixture of Lime, Strawberry, and Pineapple. This one is really good and really juicy!
Coconut Hibiscus - This one has a crazy amount of oil in it! It kind of reminds me of a pina colada right now. I'm not a huge fan of the taste of hibiscus, but they do smell nice.

Should Order
Kiwi Kicker - I'm really liking this one cold! It smells like a fresh kiwi!
DKNY Delicious - A dupe for the perfume that I have not smelled. It's nice so far.

Might Order
Raspberry Banana Guava - This one smells exactly like the Raspberry Mambo chewy candy. So yummy! I think I like this better than regular Raspberry Guava!
Iris & Fern - I think this one is my favorite of the scent shots! Victoria's converting me into a floral person :) It smells a lot like the Hyacinth scent shot I have, but it is still pretty different. Can't wait to burn it!

Random Ones
Coconut - I'm on the fence with this one. I can tell that it's starting to get better, but it still doesn't really smell like coconut to me.
Cantaloupe Lily - This one is really pretty. I love fruity florals and this is no exception. There's a juiciness coming from the melon that's sweetening up the lily a lot!

And an extra special treat - here's my unboxing video of the whole thing! Enjoy!!!

Now onto the daily review!

007 (5): This is an amazing spa scent. It's a little lighter than I normally like my candles to be, but the scent definitely makes up for it. I can't really pick out individual notes because it's so well blended. It is really relaxing and would be the perfect scent to light with a bath. I will most likely be reordering this one!

Remember to keep those wicks trimmed!


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  1. When you say that 007 is a little light, do you mean it doesn't have much throw? I live in a pretty open space (studio) and I know you love this scent but I don't want to spend lots of money on a candle I won't be able to smell.