Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 092 - Today has been hard...

Currently Burning: Sinful Strawberry Shortcake

Seeing everyone's orders on the message board that is! I'm currently on a "candle freeze" (haha yeah right more like I'm waiting a couple weeks before ordering again). I wanted to hold out until May...but I think I'm going to do a small one mid-month. I really want to get Mojito or Singapore Sling. Both sound like they would be good for summer so I just need to decide. I'm plotting a massive scent shot order for May though. 

Now onto the daily review!

Sinful Strawberry Shortcake (4): This is the 2nd Comfort Candle I've tried. It's a mixture of Strawberry Jam, Cheesecake, and Graham Cracker Crust. I've burned this a few times now. The 1st time I burned it, I put a plate underneath it with aluminum foil on top. The wax spilled over the top. I kept in and the 2nd time I burned it, slowly added the pieces back into the candle. This one is pretty good. If you like Strawberry Jam you would LOVE this candle, I'm just not a huge fan. I don't think I'll be ordering this one again.

Remember to keep those wicks trimmed!


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  1. Be strong Jason! Lol it was SO hard to see everyone's orders from the huge March sale, so I couldn't hold this one out.