Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 119 - CBV Bath and Body April Haul

Currently Burning: Bonsai

Back for another CBV Bath and Body haul!! These are seriously the best soaps out there (IMO). The smell is great, lather is awesome, and the scent really lingers long after your shower!! This is my 3rd purchase from Melissa and I think this may be my best order yet! I'm also loving the new packaging that Melissa has!

First I got some backups in scents that I love. I raved about Kiwi Kicker in my last haul so I had to grab a back up of it.

I also picked up another of Bath Time with Pooh

The first new scent I got was Eternity for Men. I've never tried the candle before, but it smells dead on for the Calvin Klein cologne. The soap is shaped very similar to Rock That Vanilla with green switched out for white. This is an awesome scent for guys. To me, it's a younger man's cologne. Perfect for the shower!

The next one I got is White Nectarine & Pink Coral. I have a candle in this and I love this scent! It's a peachy/nectarine scent with some clean notes in the background. It translates really well to soap!

I also picked up a Banana Kiwi soap. This one comes with a loofah stuck in the middle of the soap (makes a great handle!) The green part is kiwi and the yellow is banana. The kiwi smells the same as the kiwi in Kiwi Kicker, but the banana doesn't smell like Victoria's regular banana scent. It smells more like an actual banana rather than candy banana! I love the way the two scents mix.

Next is Bottom's Up. The yellow piece at the top is pineapple, the white shavings are coconut, and the bottom is Pina Colada. I'm loving this one. It's a really great tropical scent and I need to try Pina Colada in candle form soon!!!

I was so excited to pick up a Cantaloupe soap because I've heard raves about it! It smells exactly like fresh cut cantaloupe. I don't really like the taste of cantaloupe but this smells SO good!!! This is vying for the top spot of this order!

Finally I picked up Shamrock Kiss. I've been dying for this one to come out!!! It's the reason that I placed this order! It's a very good clean scent. It has some green notes, but mostly just smells sweet & clean to me. You need to pick this one up if you haven't already because it's awesome as a bathroom candle scent and awesome in soap form. It's also very non-obtrusive to others so it makes a good one to use for guests :)

Melissa was also so sweet and threw in 2 free soaps! These are the molds that she uses for her Love Shack soap so they're HUGE for being samples too!! Thank you so much again Melissa you rock - this is why I'll never buy from anyone else for my Bath and Body needs :)

The one on the right is Bottom's Up, which is awesome. The one on the left is a mixture of 2 different ones. We were joking on the CBV Addicts Unite page awhile back about having a CBV Surprise Soap to go along with the CBV surprise candle. Well, she sent me one!!! LOL. The white part is Love Shack and the green part is Kiwi Kicker. It's a really interesting mixture so I can't wait to try it out!

Here's my video to accompany this review:

Now onto the daily review!

Bonsai (4): This one is really good warmed up! It smells like a very doughy pudding. Kind of like Bread pudding without the spices or a rice pudding. It's extremely sweet and I was surprised at how strong it threw!! The vanilla blossoms don't make it smell like a straight up rice pudding, but a sweetened up version.

Remember to keep those wicks trimmed!


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  1. Great review Jason! I can't wait to order more soaps, as I only have two so far. And I am adding Bonsai to my May order!