Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 098 - CBV Bath and Body St Patrick's Day Sale

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In my last CBV Bath & Body post I mentioned the St. Patrick's Day sale Melissa had with 17% off. I'm really loving these soaps. I've tried all but the blueberry cheesecake soap and they're all great! I'm also loving Melissa's website because you can log in and save your orders! It will also keep track of your shopping bag (mine may or may not have multiple already in it). These are the soaps I ended up getting during the sale. 

The first is Kiwi Kicker. I also just got the scent shot of this one and it smells exactly the same. I actually like it better in soap form though! The scent on this one really lingered too. I'm finding that the fruity fragrances really work with the soap base. Definitely needs to become a staple at my house. 

The next is Blueberry Cheesecake. This one also smells almost identical to the candle scent. These cupcakes are really cute and I'm sure would be pretty easy to use in the shower. 

Next I picked up Caramelized Pralines. This one comes with the whipped soap on the top that can be used as shaving cream. I tried this on my face and it actually ended up burning my upper lip. Probably not designed for the face, but I'm sure would be great to shave your legs with. The lather on the soap bar part was probably the best out of the order. This one also did not smell like the candle fragrance. I'm not sure if the bakery fragrances just don't mix well with the soap base or what because this one isn't my favorite. I'm not a huge fan of Caramelized Pralines to begin with, but it's just strange to me as a soap so I probably won't be reordering this one. 

I also picked up a Pink Cupcake bar. Again, I think the bakery fragrances mixed with soap base just don't go great together. I haven't tried the pink cupcake scent by itself, but I have had Pink Noel. This smells very similar to that so I assume it's close. I won't be repurchasing this fragrance just because I'm not a fan of the bakery scents. The lather on this was was really good too.

Finally I picked up 2 more bars of Rock That Vanilla. I may end up giving one of these as a gift, but this is my favorite of the soaps that I've tried from Melissa. The staying power of this fragrance is amazing! My first bar is about halfway gone now so I'm glad I have the backup. 

Overall, I was very pleased with my order. Even though Caramelized Pralines and Pink Cupcake aren't great to me, I'll still use them because they are still amazing soaps. Who knows, maybe after a few times in the shower I'll decide I can't get enough (I swear that Victoria puts cocaine in her scent fragrances...). Melissa came out with a whole bunch of new fragrances that should be posted soon on the website - I'm still holding out for Shamrock Kiss though (even though my cart is full of new ones lol)

Now onto the daily review!

Mango Tango (5): This is one of my favorite fragrances from CBV. It's clean, but at the same time it's fruity. It's a dupe for the Gain Apple Mango Tango laundry detergent. I haven't tried Gain Island Fresh, but I really want to just to see which I like better. The throw is also really strong. I have a 9 oz that is a little over halfway gone, so I'll be needing to pick up another soon. 

Remember to keep those wicks trimmed!


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