Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 077 - My First CBV Bath & Body Order!

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I finally ordered from CBV Bath & Body (formerly CBV Soaps by Melissa)! Look how cute the packaging is on these things! I love the little stickers and ribbons. She also signed a little thank you note on the invoice (which was really sweet and pretty cool :) ) I got 5 different soaps in this order, and so far I've used 4 of them. In the pictures, they're sitting on a 4oz/8oz/9oz candle jar lid for comparison (and so I didn't have to set them directly on my table).

 The first one I used was Rock that Vanilla. I've never tried the scent in either the L*** version or CBV version. I LOVE this as a soap smell. This was a little smaller than I originally thought it was going to be, which disappointed me at first, but then I realized how long these suckers last! I cut off probably about a half inch slice from the end, and it's still going strong after several days in the shower. Also, the scent really lingers throughout the day. I felt every time I shifted at my desk at work I would get a whiff of RTV. Love it!

The next one I tried was Bath Time with Pooh. I have had this scent before in some heart tarts a LONG time ago under a different name (back before the drama with the company that shall not be named). The soap smells exactly like the CBV scent (duh!). I cut this bad boy in half and really enjoy it as a soap. It's a little harder for me to wash with because of the shape, but it's too cute so that's totally ok with me :)

 The next one I got was Bella Swan. I waited until today to use this one, because I know how strong Bella Swan is in candle form (Top 3 easily) and I really didn't want to smell like that all day because it is DEFINITELY a feminine scent. I was pleasantly surprised that the glitter doesn't stick to my skin. Smells exactly like Bella so it's pretty much amazing :)

The next two are both the cupcake soaps. This one is a cupcake critter in the scent Adidas Cool Water. I've never smelled the cologne, but I really like this one! It didn't seem to linger as long as some of the others, but this is certainly a good scent for guys in the shower. These are also really cute and great gifts for kids to play with in the bathtub. The rubber ducky on top is really stuck in there, so I've found that it makes it a lot easier to hold onto these soaps in the shower.

The last one I have not used yet. It is a Glamour Cuppy-Duckie in the scent Cotton Candy. For some reason I have still yet to try this in candle form. Honestly, I'm not too crazy about the scent pre-shower but I may just be smelling the rubber duck.

Overall I'm extremely pleased with these products. They lather up pretty good for me and are definitely moisturizing. I do not have dry or oily skin so I typically don't really have to worry about lotion/moisturizer. The most amazing thing for me about these is the staying power of the scent. It really does last all day (especially Rock that Vanilla).

Shipping is not flat rate with CBV Bath & Body (which is good because I don't feel like I have to break the bank to get a good rate on shipping). It's also through USPS so no waiting like a mad person for the big brown truck ;) It did take the full 7 business days to ship to me (I ordered March 1st and it was shipped on March 9th). USPS was really fast though and it arrived the following Monday (March 12th).

Melissa is currently having a St. Patrick's Day sale that ends tonight (March 17th) at Midnight. The code before checkout is PATTY and it's a 17% discount. I placed an order yesterday so I'll be excited to share that with you all once it gets here!

Now onto the daily review!

Jacob Black (5): This was one of the first scents from CBV that I tried and I instantly loved it. My 9 oz in this one is just about to run out so I'll have to get another one. This scent is very woodsy, with the dominant note of Patchouli. The throw is also really strong.

Remember to keep those wicks trimmed!


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