Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 046 - AGayADay

Currently Burning: Home Sweet Home

AGayADay is a collab channel on YouTube. It was formed by 5 guys who auditioned for 5SortaStraightGuys and didn't make it on. That channel is now defunct and AGayADay is going strong! Their first video was in September 2009 and they've been going ever since.

Monday (Simon)

Simon is hilarious. His personal channel is sighmoansays. He's the bitch of the channel.

Tuesday (Roman)

Roman is a mess. He's always all over the place and funny. He shares a personal channel with his friend David on voodoovlong.

Wednesday (Darren)

Darren is the resident Hipster of AGAD. He's also really freaking tall. His humor is a lot drier than some of the other guys, but he still cracks me up. His personal channel is JollyGreen303.

Thursday (Andrew)

Andrew is the only cast member who wasn't on the channel originally. The original Thursday (Luan) left in August 2011 so Andrew's only been on the channel for about 6 months. However, in that time he's completely won me over. Definitely my favorite. He's British so that's a plus! His personal channel is Lepreas.

Friday (Brandon)

Brandon is definitely not a stereotypical gay guy. He's really into sports. He also typically does not do the themes on the channel. His personal channel is Some1ToShoutFor.

Now onto the daily review!

Home Sweet Home (3): This is a mixture of a bunch of different spices. Not a huge fan and will not order this one again. The throw is pretty strong though.

Remember to keep those wicks trimmed!


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