Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 035 - 9 oz Jars

Currently Burning: Very Sexy for Men

I thought I would start a series on Victoria's jar sizes. I know in the past she has had different types of jars, but I'm just going to cover the few that I have. For the 9oz jars, she uses mason jars. Most of her company uses this cute country theme (as you can see in the label). I don't really go for the jar because of decor because I'm not really concerned about that.

These jars used to be my favorite because the throw on them is great for medium to large rooms (same as the 8oz jars) and I felt I got more bang for my buck since the more wax you buy the cheaper it is per ounce. These run at $8.50 individually or $47.00 for 6 ($7.83 each). However, I've decided that I like the 8oz jars better because they are round versus these being square. Since they're square, I feel they have to burn a lot longer to get a full melt pool. Victoria's candles are great though because even if you don't get a full melt pool every time, as the candle burns down the sides of the jar warm up and melt the excess wax.

I've only gone through one of these completely (my old Bella Swan candle). It did burn clean all the way down. I did throw the jar away and now I kind of wish that I hadn't. We'll see what I decide to do with these as I use up more of them.

Also, I placed a new order on February 1st so expect a new haul soon!!!

Now onto the daily review!

Very Sexy for Men (4): This is a dupe of a Victoria's Secret cologne of the same name. I do like this one much better than the other cologne scents that I've smelled from her. The throw on this one is not too overpowering like many of those tend to be. Plus, I wouldn't say this is very gender specific because I could see both guys and girls wearing this. 

Remember to keep those wicks trimmed!


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