Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 039 - dailygrace

Currently Burning: Trick or Treat

dailygrace is HILARIOUS! I love watching her videos :) She follows a Monday-Friday format and makes a video on each of those days. She is so freaking funny and I'm glad that I found her (randomly through another YouTube channel).

Mondays (Random Day)

Ok so she doesn't really have a theme on Mondays, but they always an unscripted kind of funny. Love them!

Tuesdays (Commenting on Comments)

For Tuesdays, she takes to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, MyDamnChannel, and Dailybooth and responds to comments that the "Viewsers" have left. She also hazes them all and welcomes them to the dailygrace family.

Wednesdays (Reviews)

On Wednesdays, Grace goes to her Tumblr and asks people what they want her to review. She's done quite a few of these song reviews and they're really funny!

Thursdays (How-To)

On Thursdays, Grace teaches us how to do something. She has a lot of Thursday videos where she's cooking really weird combinations of stuff. She also likes to give historically inaccurate facts :)

Fridays (Sexy Friday)

Grace finishes out the week with Sexy Friday which usually revolves around something having to do with sex or being sexy while doing something. Super funny.

She also used to have an introduction of "What's up Fuckers?" and part of it was bleeped out. Someone created a compilation of every intro so I had to share that :D

Now onto the daily review!

Trick or Treat (3): This is a mixture of caramel corn and buttercream crunch. I don't really smell popcorn, mostly just caramel and buttercream. To me, it's a little too sickeningly sweet, so I probably won't buy it in a full candle. It has a pretty strong throw.

Remember to keep those wicks trimmed!


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