Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 032 - VlogCandy

Currently Burning: Elvis

I originally found VlogCandy back in June of 2010. John (Tuesday) guest starred on 5awesomegays and from there I found his channel and VlogCandy. VlogCandy started at the end of November 2008. The Introduction video to the channel is below:

I'll list all 5 cast members and put one of my favorite videos they posted on the channel below. This was really hard for me since I love SO many of the videos on there.

Monday (Andrew)

This video is from the Musical week they had. I feel like Andrew had the best song that week and this video was great :) Andrew was the only non-American on the channel (representing Canada!) Andrew's personal channel is andrewbravener

Tuesday (John)

This video is from the Top Model week. John is easily my favorite of all of the VlogCandy members. I feel like he really put a lot into just about every single one of his videos. His are also all pretty much hilarious. His personal channel is dudeneedaeaseonup

Wednesday (Meghan)

This video is from the week where they impersonated a host of a cooking show. Meghan's personal channel is strawburry17. Of all of the original members, Meghan is the one that is really taking YouTube as a career.

Thursday (Zack)

This video was from Road Trip week.  Zack's a big sweetheart. He's the resident "dude-bro with a soft side." In addition to being a good artist, he also makes music. His personal channel is zacharyxbinks.

Friday (Aubrey)

This video was from the Infomercial week. Aubrey is a close 2nd for favorite on the channel. She and John are best friends IRL so they're in each others videos a lot. She's also an artist and makes her own jewelry on Etsy. Her personal channel is hurricaneaubrey.

The 5 original members stayed on the channel the entire time it lasted.  Unfortunately, the cast of VlogCandy decided to stop making videos on that channel in April of 2011. They posted 1 last video that summed up their time on the channel (and was also reminiscent of the first video).

Now onto the daily review!

Elvis (4): This is a mixture of peanut butter and banana. The throw on this is pretty good. I feel like the scents meld together really well, but the banana in it smells more like dried bananas than fresh bananas. I might order this one again, but probably not.

Remember to keep those wicks trimmed!


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