Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 168 - June CBV and CBVBB Orders

Currently Burning: Moulin Rouge

This month I placed two small orders with CBV and CBVBB. We'll start off with the CBV Bath & Body goodies.

Melissa sent me two samples. The first was half of a star in Shamrock Kiss that I already gave to one of my friends. The second is a cbvbb surprise soap with pina colada, cotton candy, and Tiffany-D. 

I reordered two of my favorites this time around. I picked up another Shamrock Kiss.

I also picked up another Rock That Vanilla.

Finally the reason I placed the order was for Berry Me Alive. It's not the same as Victoria's scent since Melissa replaced the cherry with cotton candy. This is SO much better than the original Berry Me Alive though because I get all of the notes pretty equally. Found a new favorite :)

Moving on to CBV...

Scent Shots:
Faerie Ring (Free SS): I got this one in my last order. It's a customer creation of Raspberry Violet and Apples & Oaks. Very pretty and can't wait to burn it!
Jelly Donut (Bakery): This one smells predominantly of Strawberry Jam right now, but it also has kind of a salty dough note in the background. Will have to see how it is warm.
Berry Blackberry Cobbler (Bakery): The longer this one cures, the more I like it. The blackberry is really sweetening up the cobbler note, but I can tell that this won't be quite as sweet as blueberry cobbler. Still good though.
Breaking Dawn (House Blends): The name that scent winner this month was added to the Twilight series. This one starts off with orange immediately followed by cedar. Definitely an earthy scent. I don't really get floral notes yet, but I can tell this is one I'll have to warm to really appreciate.
Melsea (House Blends): This is a combination of Me Tarzan, You Jane and Blushing Peaches as chosen by Melissa and Chelsea. They actually blend really well together and I'm excited to try this one warm. It smells like a very peachy perfume right now.
Pagoda Tree (Customer Creations): This one is a combination of Chantilly Lace and Tokyo Spring. It was created by Awbrey and named by Deb. Right now I'm getting mostly the Chantilly Lace, but the Tokyo Spring is beginning to come out and they make a great pair!

Finally the star of the show: Layered Butterscotch Coconut Cream. This one is AMAZING!!!! I LOVE Victoria's Coconut Cream Pie scent and that is what the top layer is mixed with the butterscotch kisses. I can't wait to burn this one. The yellow layer is butterscotch, creme brulee, and buttercream crunch. The white layer on the bottom is cheesecake mixed with whipped cream. The crumbs at the bottom are butter pecan and caramelized pralines. This is a HUGE candle and is sure to be amazing!

And the Video Review:

Now onto the daily review!

Moulin Rouge (3): This one is super complex. It's like a spicy bakery with some woody notes as well. The description is a mile long and includes a TON of different fragrances. I'm having a hard time picking out individual scents, but it definitely has a sweet, cake note, some woody notes, and some kitchen spices. The throw is fairly decent on it, but it could be stronger. 

Remember to keep those wicks trimmed!


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